Yesterday's story about an alleged Google Glass-related assault at Molotov's ended with some conflicting accounts of what really went down. Alleged victim, PR consultant and hyperactive social media user Sarah Slocum, claimed she was attacked by unruly bar patrons. Witnesses speaking with the local news, on the other hand, had a different view of events. Now videos from Slocum's Glass, taken during some confrontational moments in the bar, have surfaced to give us her perspective.

For a minimal amount of context, Slocum offered this hashtagged description of the video on YouTube:

This is the first video that I got on Google Glass at Molotov bar on Haight Street after being verbally accosted and flicked off by the Asian looking girl, I turned on the video, and after I told them I was doing so they got pissed off and came after me. Unfortunately, I had not extended the video so it cuts out after 10 seconds. Here you can see them - two people, a male and a female - trying to block the camera. The guy waving his hands in my face here later rips the Google Glasses off my face and ran out of the bar. #throughglass

Slocum also granted an interview with KRON4, which ran more of the footage she recorded in the bar early Saturday morning.

Slocum called the incident "the weirdest event," claiming that several people at the bar were "showing animosity" towards her, at which point she turned on the video. She also says that other bar patrons were "trying to shield themselves as if I was recording them" even though she claims the device was not recording at that point. "They clearly didn't understand it, they didn't know how it worked." At the 1:31 mark in the video below, however, a bar patron can clearly be seen in Slocum's recorded video hiding his face — directly in conflict with her own account.

"I'm glad though," Slocum concluded, "that I can hopefully help bring and shed some light on the fact that this is a great technology that can be used to prevent these types of incidents and I hope that this incident doesn't deter people from wearing Google Glass."

[H/t: Uptown Almanac]