Just days after we wondered what despiser of the undomiciled Greg Gopman was up to, we have our answer: he's busy getting sued.

Former AngelHack CEO Gopman, as you know, authored a Facebook rant in which he said things like (sic, throughout): "I gotta say there is nothing more grotesque than walking down market st in San Francisco. Why the heart of our city has to be overrun by crazy, homeless, drug dealers, dropouts, and trash I have no clue."

A subsequent SF Weekly report uncovered that voter records as of December had him listed as living at AngelHack HQ, "which means he's either living illegally at work, possibly committed voter fraud, or is homeless himself."

But now, voter fraud and saying unpleasant things on Facebook seem to be the least of his worries. As Valleywag reports, Gopman stands accused by AngelHack co-founder Sabeen Ali of using his former company's money bank accounts to pay rent on a $4,500/month apartment (huh, guess he wasn't homeless after all?), $70,000 worth of credit card bills, and "'elaborate vacations' in Thailand and Colombia."

Document fans can read the entire complaint below, but highlights from the suit, which was filed in San Francisco earlier this month, include such allegations as a claim that, although AngelHack was paying Gopman's rent, he still charged his roommate $2,500 a month.

Ali also emphasizes the impact Gopman's Facebook rant had on the company, saying that it brought "shame and disrepute on AngelHack and its employees and associates."

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.27.47 PM.png

As Valleywag notes, it's unclear what Ali might be able to get if the suit prevails, as "damages, if awarded, cannot be properly ascertained since there is no fixed market value [for AngelHack] and damages will be inadequate to compensate plaintiff for the detriment suffered by her."

Just last week, Valleywag reported that "a friend of Gopman recently told me he's considered a stunt run for political office, which speaks either to his delusion, desperation, or both."

Here's hoping his upcoming court appearances won't interfere with his campaign.

Sabeen Ali v. Gregory Gopman


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