Does everyone remember what rain is like? It's back for a return, so we thought we'd remind you what people do in the event that it's really wet outside. There shall be no park-sitting, parklet-sitting, or Embarcadero-strolling for the next few days, so listen up.

Cruise Casual Encounters
You know... on craigslist? I hear this works out better for dudes.

Rediscover Coloring Books


... about kitties.

Do Your Mending

Isn't it about time you wore that shirt again?

Watch a Foreign Film

Photo: Wikimedia

I hear the new seats at the Landmark Embarcadero are really comfy.

Go to the Planetarium
They even went there on Looking. It's romantic.

Brew Your Own Beer

Photo: justgrimes/Flickr

I hear this is something people do now.

Look at Some Pretty Paintings
The Georgia O'Keefe exhibit just opened at the DeYoung a couple weeks ago, and it's all about her paintings at Lake George, in upstate New York.

Clean Under Your Bed

Photo: KimCarpenterNJ/Flickr

You know it's disgusting under there.

Learn How to Make Asian Dumplings

Photo: SF Cooking School

At the San Francisco Cooking School, they've got all kinds of classes happening, including one all about dumplings happening on Friday.

Photo: kittybabylove/Flickr