Who says there are no non-tech jobs available in San Francisco? I can think of at least six businesses in San Francisco that are actively recruiting employees, and the greatest technical skill you need to work at any of them is an ability to dance in heels.

As The College Fix reports, San Francisco "gentlemen's clubs" (a self-description, not mine) the Garden of Eden, the Condor, Roaring '20s, Centerfolds, Little Darlings and Hungry I are presently advertising in the print version of UC Berkeley's Daily Californian newspaper in an effort to beef up their staff.

All of those clubs (in fact, all the strip clubs in SF) are owned by Seattle-based Déjà Vu Entertainment, a company that reportedly owns and operates as many as 67 adult entertainment venues across the country.

“Are you fun, flirty and a little adventurous?" asks the ad that was viewed by as much as 92% of the UC Berkeley student body. "Then we are interested in meeting you! You don’t need experience. Make your own schedule. Great money to be made - in CASH."

Then, just in case you were thinking OK, maybe they weren't really targeting UC Berkeley students, the kicker: "Professional management teams are in place at these SF locations to help you achieve your financial goals while in school.”

The ad (you can view it, albeit blurrily, in full here) ran in last Friday's issue of the Daily Cal. Though the paper serves the UC Berkeley community, its position differs from many other school newspapers, as it's actually been independently run by students since 1971. While it receives some financial support from the school, like many other print publications they have faced persistent funding issues, and are reliant on donations and advertising to stay in business.

So we know the Daily Cal got what they needed from the ad (that is, money), but a week later, has it panned out for the strip clubs? Did they get the influx of co-eds they were hoping for?

A call to Roger Forbes, who regularly speaks on behalf of those and other clubs (you might recognize that name! He's also the guy who evicted the Lusty Lady and almost evicted Tosca. Oh, and you might want to read this Chron report on him from 1997, it's great) has not been returned at publication time to answer those questions.

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