Marvin Norwood and Louis Sanchez pled guilty today to charges related to the 2011 assault of Giants fan Bryan Stow outside of Dodger Stadium. For their actions, which left Stow brain damaged and disabled, the judge called them, "the biggest nightmare for people who attend public events."

After entering their pleas, the two men had to face condemnation from Stow's family before the visibly angry judge could hand down their sentences. David Stow, Bryan's father, reportedly placed a Giants cap on the podium before telling the two men, "the years you spend in prison is what you cretins deserve."

Bonnie Stow, Bryan's sister, was even more emotional. From the Associated Press:

"We shower him, we dress him, we fix his meals," she said. "We make sure he gets his 13 medications throughout the day. He takes two different anti-seizure medications to prevent the seizures he endured for months after you brutally and cowardly attacked him."

Before sentencing, Judge George Lomeli told the two men they only seemed concerned with when they would be released. "One day you will be released," he said, "and Mr. Stow will forever be trapped in the condition you left him in."

Sanchez pled guilty to one count of mayhem that disabled and disfigured the victim, and was sentenced to eight years in prison with credit for the nearly three years he has served during the trial. Norwood, meanwhile, pled guilty to one count of assault likely to produce great bodily injury. He was sentenced to four years in prison, but will likely receive time-served credit for the majority of that time.

According to Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee, the two men received sentences close to the maximum they would have gotten if the pair had been convicted at trial. Responding to the emotional statements from the family, Hanisee said, "They did get off easy. Bryan Stow is serving a life sentence in a wheelchair and diapers. He is never going to get better."

The case isn't quite over for the pair, however — federal authorities have charged them both with illegal weapons possession charges that could add on another 10 years of prison time.

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