I have watched this video of figure skater, Olympic Champion, and Bay Area native Kristi Yamaguchi's 1992 routine to En Vogue's Never Gonna Get It many, many times since Yamaguchi mentioned it to Deadspin yesterday. Because it is fantastic.

"At the time, people saw me as a 20-year-old, an Olympian, you know, this graceful skater" Yamaguchi told Deadspin. "I went out there in a bustier, with my hair up, doing hip-hop choreography. That one was kind of liberating."

This routine is basically the best of the early '90s: the gold bustier, the music, the hair, the moves. She would have been a perfect fit at pretty much any '90s club, but she's on the ice! Skating!

Yamaguchi reportedly still lives in the Bay Area, where she writes children's books and is an active philanthropist. For the duration of this year's Winter Olympics, she's working as a digital media ambassador with the United States Olympic Committee.

And all that is great, but somehow, I'll always love bustier Kristi the most.

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