Every year, local magazine 7x7 publishes a definitive list of 100 local things you absolutely must eat before you die. Which makes us wonder if we're in some kind of Final Destination situation. But if you have to eat before you die, and most of us do, this makes for a handy resource.

If you didn't quite finish last year's foodie bucket list, you're probably in pretty good shape because there are plenty of classic dishes carried over: the deep-dish Brass Monkey at Little Star Pizza, cracked crab from Swan's Oyster Depot, wings from San Tung. With so many great restaurants opening last year, there are some newcomers as well: the buckwheat waffle from Lt. Waffle, crispy octopus from 1760, just to name two. The biggest category, as Eater SF notes, are three whole roast chickens from Park Tavern, Limon Rotisserie and, of course, Zuni Cafe.

Anyhow, to keep up with the times, the whole list is available as an iPhone or Android app with dining statistics and map-based browsing and banner ads and everything. Back in my day (2009), we just printed the whole thing out at work and stuck it up on the fridge in the apartment.