Exactly one year after San Francisco's much blogged-about public nudity ban went into effect and, in this editor's humble opinion, the frequency with which our eyes accidentally fall upon some unsolicited public dong hasn't really changed at all. There were even nude cyclists on a recent episode of The Real World. So, we're not really sure if another protest of the puritanical non-law is necessary, but hey: some of us hang to the left, some of us hang to the right.

That said: tomorrow, Saturday February 1st at noon, nude bride and naked TV host Gypsy Taub will once again disrobe in the name of nude rights. This time the shindig will meet where this whole thing began: at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. In the event of rain (goddess willing), the nude-in will move indoors to the Center for Sex and Culture, which seems like a much less radical place to be naked.

Anyhow, according to Taub, the nude stunts seem to be working: The cops didn't hassle anybody too much during her naked nuptials back in December, so she and her pals feel they've done some good work arousing a change in attitude.

[My Naked Truth] (NSFW)