Only 67 more days until the Giants open at AT&T Park. And what a long 67 days those will be. To help ease your Giants delirium tremens, allow Brandon Crawford to show you the new "old school" jerseys your San Francisco Giants will wear on Fridays. Nice. Circa '82, I think.

What has the team been doing lately, you ask? Well, for example, Sergio Romo played with some socks (and did something inexcusable with his sunglasses):

Hunter Pence appeared in a one-man show of Pirates of Penzance. (No, sadly, he did not.)

Matt Cain, clearly the dad of the group, dressed up in firefighter and mustache garb:

Brandon Belt took some of the shine off his nose while filming a Giants 2014 commercial:

And, just prior to losing the NFC Championship game, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick joined Romo for some team unity:

[h/t: David Elrod]