Lest you think the entire city has been condo-ized or TIC'd, or at the very least subdivided into studios that rent for $3000 apiece, please observe this listing that's been up for a couple weeks on Craigslist for a massive, 23-bedroom house with 9 baths, perfect for you and 40 or so of your closest friends or cult mates.

The house is at 1148-1150 Masonic, at Haight, and it's actually two 2-story units which are so huge the realtor has clearly had a tough time finding takers. (They've also been listed separately a couple weeks ago, but now appear as a package deal.) The bottom unit has 12 bedrooms and the top unit has 11 bedrooms, and I can only imagine the craziness this house has seen back in the day. It has two new "chef's kitchens," 10 refurbished bathrooms (the place has 9 full and 2 half baths in total.) To rent the whole thing would is $28,000/month, but if you can get 40 people together that's only $700 apiece!

Confusingly, it looks like the owners refurbished the place and had it on the market, for sale, as multiple separate TIC units — at least six? even though it only has two kitchens and two front doors? But now they're going the rental route.

We've heard recently about this new communal living development happening SoMa, and the organizations in town like Embassy SF that are converting large spaces like this one into modern-style communes for twentysomethings. Perhaps they should consider snagging this one...

Below, two videos of the place. Bottom, and then top.

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