Consider this your second notice, friends: next Thursday, February 6th the editors, contributors and beautiful commenters of this very website will meet in real life at Virgil's Sea Room.

So what can you expect when your favorite local news source collides with your real life? We've prepared a handy list of frequently asked questions to help you prepare yourself:

Where is the Facebook invite? Right here, friend.

Will there be something to drink? Of course! It's a bar. Also, our sponsors from Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, who you probably recognize from any respectable beer joint around town, will be doing $3 pints all evening. Which means you will probably be hungover from too many Big Daddy IPAs the next day. Plan accordingly.

What if I get hungry? Local burger chef Wes Rowe of Wes Burger will be popping up on the back patio with two different burger options, including one of the best things we ate in 2013.

Who is going to be there? SFist editorial staff, alumni, occasional contributors, our always-insightful commenters, anyone who just enjoys staying up to date about local news and possibly some notable local celebrities and/or politicians.

What do I get out of this? Besides some stimulating conversation and cheap beer? Branded schwag items like tote bags (because we banned plastic) and beer coozies (because beers eventually get warm) will be handed out to those who RSVP on Facebook.

Is the venue easily accessible by public transit and/or corporate shuttle bus? Yes! The 14-Mission and the 49-Van Ness stop right outside the bar. 24th Street BART is a few short blocks away and if you're coming straight from work in Silicon Valley, multiple shuttle buses have stops a few blocks away at 26th and Valencia. Of course, there are also ridesharing services and taxis, but we won't claim responsibility for any surge pricing our meet-up causes.

What can I do if happy hour is over and I'm not nearly ready to go home? You should stick around Virgil's for Nap's Karaoke at 9 p.m. We can't promise any of your SFist editors will be singing, but we also can't promise that we won't be singing.

Can I see those event details again? You bet:

SFist Reader Meetup
Thursday, February 6th
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Virgil's Sea Room
3152 Mission Street (at Precita)
[RSVP on Facebook]