While the thought of forcing the mixologist community to wear prostate-exam gloves gives one a hardy chuckle rimmed with a touch of bitter schadenfreude, California's AB 1252 has gone too far. At least when it comes to bartenders.

The law, for those unaware, bars hand contact with prepared food in restaurants and bars. This, of course, is insanity. In addition to being costly and impractical, it reverts our relationship with food to a clinical one. Inside Scoop has a slew of (rightly) concerned bartenders who've signed a petition and made thoughtful comments. You should sign it too.

But what about chefs? SFist asked chef Josh Oakley (Tango & Stache) for this input as to why clinical gloves and seasonal fare don't mix. "It's bad for the environment, for starters," he explains, adding, "It's actually less healthy.When gloves are on they can trap bacteria beneath them, especially when you can't wash and quickly put on a new pair."

Again, take a look at the petition and, should the mood strike, sign it.

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