It's awards season again, so it's time to check back and see what Larry Ellison's kids have been up to with their millions down in Hollywood. The Oracle founder has two progeny who have gone into movie production, Megan, who does more arty stuff with her production company Annapurna Pictures, and David, who goes in for more action-blockbuster stuff like Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, and his latest, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Megan Ellison produced two of this year's most acclaimed features, American Hustle and Her, and she got thanked by both Amy Adams and Her writer-director Spike Jonze during their acceptance speeches at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

As Business Insider reminds us today, 27-year-old Megan had her first hit with the Coen Brothers' True Grit in 2010, and she's become known in Hollywood as The Indie Saver for putting up the money behind Zero Dark Thirty and The Master in 2012. Annapurna Pictures actually has as its mission to produce "sophisticated, high-quality films that might otherwise be deemed risky by contemporary Hollywood studios," which is a noble cause indeed in this uninspired age of remakes and sequels and 3-D robot explosions.

But, every company's got to keep making money. Megan and David Ellison jointly own the rights to The Terminator franchise, and are apparently working together on Terminator 5.

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