Dine About Town begins tomorrow and runs through January 31. What is it, exactly? DAT features 3-course dinners for $36.95 and 2-3-course lunches for $18.95—which translates into a 25% discount off regularly priced menu items—and showcases restaurants around town with which you might not be familiar. Think of it as a built-in, high-end coupon system minus the clipping.

A slew of restaurants are participating. Roka Akor, The Cavalier, Twenty Five Lusk, Luce are a few notables names featuring great deals. Others? Not so much. Eater SF's Allie Pape has a delightful best/worst review of this year's DAT. It's wonderful, really. Pape also has choice final words for restaurants not promoting their DAT inclusion, saying:

And a final condemnation: DAT makes it easy for participants to post a menu on their site, and most restaurants have their own, too, as well as a Facebook page. So why are over half of the participating restaurants not posting them in either venue? Cowardice? A desire not to have anyone actually take advantage of the deal? Faced with the prospect of spending $36 on an unknown dinner, most people will give up; why sign up for the program at all if you don't want guests to come in?


For more details and to make reservations, check out Dine About Town.