A man jaywalking through six lanes of traffic on Van Ness Avenue was struck and killed near the intersection with Grove Street just outside city hall last night. According to San Francisco police, the victim was leaving an altercation with another man in front of the War Memorial around 6:20 p.m. when he tried to cross the street in the middle of the block.

"Based on the witness statements we have so far," SFPD Sgt. Eric Mahoney tells Hayeswire, "there was a gentlemen who was in a verbal argument with another person, walking northbound on Van Ness on the west side of the street. Some verbal altercation had happened and then the altercation had ended. One party crossed Van Ness and was gone from the scene. As the second party crossed Van Ness — a significant period later — he made it all the way to the northbound lane when he was stuck by a vehicle."

The pedestrian was struck by a light-colored Honda sedan and was pronounced dead at the scene. KRON4 reports the driver will not be charged by police because the man was clearly jaywalking.

KRON4 had the report from the scene last night: