A drop of inside-baseball publishing news for your consideration: Chloe Harris, Editor-in-Chief of noted local mag 7x7, went ahead and bought the entire publication, thus living many an editor's pipe dream. Though she told her staff last Friday about the change in ownership, the news was made public today.

As reported in SF Biz Times, "She will run 7X7's print and online operations as President and Editor in Chief of Metropolitan Media Inc., with help from her father John Harris, who is CEO of the family owned company."

SFist asked Harris how, if at all, the editorial voice for the style- and design-driven publication might change. "It's business as usual," Harris explained. "We'll continue to build upon the editorial momentum in print and online, with expanded Bay Area coverage and an eye toward long-term growth, diversification, and even deeper community engagement."

Metropolitan Media bought 7x7 (formed in 2001) from McEvoy Media, which owns Chronicle Books and California Home + Design.

Harris, we should point out, also contributed to SFist as our former style editor.