In the roughly six months since the Lusty Lady slid her partitions closed for the last time, the noted North Beach worker-owned peep show has been stripped of its former neon glow. In 2014, the joint will turn into a cocktail bar from Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, the same crew responsible for the celebrated renaissance around the corner at Tosca Café.

According to Inside Scoop today, Bloomfield and Friedman just finalized the lease on the space, which shares a landlord and a wall with Tosca. The new concept will have drinks by Tosca's bar manager Isaac Shumway and bar snacks from Bloomfield and Tosca's Josh Even. They'll also be building out a wine cellar stocked by Tosca's wine duo.

As for the decor: the renovations haven't even begun yet and the Lusty Lady's name had to die with the strip club, but Friedman tells the Scoop that they hope to keep the seedy vibe from the old days. “We’re going to do a cool little bar that hopefully will pay homage to what the Lusty Lady was — the peep show parlor, the wonderful seediness, and the dying breed of seediness,” Friedman explained to Inside Scoop. “We’re going to try to riff on that.”

Architect Seth Boor, who built out SoMa coffee temple Sightglass, $4 toast outpost The Mill on Divisadero and the slick indoor biergarten at Southern Pacific Brewing Co., will be responsible for the redesign. The vibe will reportedly be a dive bar downstairs, but upstairs the team plans to recreate the peep show feel with private booths available by reservation. There's talk of including an insert-a-dollar partition that will slide up to reveal (perhaps disappointingly, depending on your mood) a bartender rather than a stripper.

The team still hasn't settled on a name, but they'll be looking for inspiration from long-gone North Beach venues. They're currently aiming to open sometime in the second half of 2014 (Scoop says 2013, but we're pretty sure that's a typo), hopefully with a full liquor license.

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