A 17-year-old girl was struck and injured by a Muni light-rail train on Sunday afternoon, as Bay City News reports. The operator of the train apparently did not see that s/he had hit someone, and kept going.

The train only stopped after passengers alerted the driver that the girl had been hit.

According to Officer Albie Esparza, the girl was "walking against a red light" when the train hit her, and it sounds as though she was not directly in the train's path when the collision occurred as her injuries are relatively minor. She complained of pains in her left side and in her head, but it's not clear whether she was knocked down, hit by a mirror, or what. She is expected to recover.

This all happened at 3:15 p.m. Sunday on the T line at Third Street and Hollister Avenue.

Muni has had its share of accidents this year, with a few pedestrians struck, one cyclist killed, that 14-Mission bus that hit a car, that streetcar that collided with a private shuttle bus, the Muni driver that got hit in the Muni yard, and that train that took off without a driver. But all in all perhaps we should be thankful it wasn't worse.