Although Uber has already warned riders of high fares on New Year's Eve, competing rideshare companies Lyft and Sidecar have sent out their own heads-up press releases about higher-than-usual fares for New Year's Eve.

Lyft, which recently expanded to the East Bay and finally stopped calling fares "donations", is also running 24/7 now so you should be able to find a mustachioed car to take you from your party to the after party — the catch is, that it could cost you a 200% tip on your fare. See, Prime Time tips — Lyft's equivalent to surge pricing — will be in effect during the busiest parts of the night and while it doesn't change your base fare, it will change how much tip is added on for your driver. Lyft promises to show you the estimated total as well as a big "Prime Time" warning label before you agree to the higher price. This is all a good thing for drivers since they will get to keep all the bonus tips for working on a busy night and, but in the sober light of day that ride is still going to cost you significantly more than a yellow cab (if you can find one).

Meanwhile, Sidecar released a similar statement Monday afternoon, saying that prices will increase approximately three times between 8 p.m. on Tuesday and 4 a.m. on Wednesday. Like Lyft, Sidecar promises the app will show you the higher fares upfront before you book your ride, and during certain busy hours drivers get to keep 100% of the fares. Again, Sidecar spins this as an incentive for drivers, but the end result is still a higher charge to your credit card.

Anyhow, Muni is still free on New Year's Eve, so there's always that.

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