Months after the "High Jumper Bandits" acquired their adorable nickname for a string of San Francisco bank robberies, the FBI is on the hunt for another local bank robber: a female suspect who's acquired the lackluster "sports cap bandit" moniker for her sporty-casual lawbreaking look.

According to an FBI alert, the suspect is is believed to have robbed two banks in Menlo Park: a Bank of the West on October 29 and a U.S. Bank on November 8:

Witnesses describe the suspect as a female described as possibly Pacific Islander or Hispanic, 5'7” to 5'8” tall, 140 to 170 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, and approximately 25-30 years in age. During the October 29 robbery, she was wearing a red baseball hat with the letter “C” on the front, sunglasses, dark gray hooded jacket, and gray sweatpants and carried a dark bag. During the November 8 robbery, she was wearing a light blue and gold baseball hat with the word “Nuggets” and a graphic on the front, long-sleeved green sweatshirt, and blue jeans and carried a light brown handbag.

According to reports, in both incidents the suspect presented a demand note and threatened that she had a gun, then fled on foot. The amount of cash she acquired is not being reported: the FBI is currently asking for assistance in identifying the suspect, and has stated that she should be considered armed and dangerous.

The FBI has so far not requested help in coming up with better bank robber nicknames: we'll be sure to alert you if they do.

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