The biggest story every Thanksgiving for as long as we can remember involves airports and travel nightmares, but so far you won't be seeing any sad footage of sad stranded passengers at SFO, at least. There are plenty of weather-related delays happening if you're flying anywhere toward the northeast, especially New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, and some flight cancellations as well.

This stems from a Nor'Easter that rolled in last night, and the delays began then, as KTVU reported.

There were about 475 flights canceled today, a quarter of those in Boston and belonging to the same small airline, Cape Air. And as of 1 p.m. ET about 3,600 flights had been delayed nationwide, anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Flights that aren't going to the East Coast are still being impacted because inbound planes and crews to SFO may be delayed, or those flights canceled. USA Today is calling this a "bumpy but not awful" start to the holiday week.

Be sure to check your flight status if you're about to head to SFO.

In brighter news, SFO is boasting about having live music all day today in all four terminals. Observe:

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