Time Magazine, the same one that named you Person of the Year in 2006, has a new empowering interactive tool that shows you exactly how much Twitter owes you based on the value of your Twitter feed.

As an amateur economist, your SFist associate editor plugged in his own regrettable twitter handle. After a brief moment of calculation, the widget told me I'm worth roughly $131 based on my follower count, my 4,700 or so tweets and the fact that only 25% of the people following me are even paying attention. (To be fair, even I don't think many of those 4,700 tweets make much sense.)

For comparison's sake, Twitter apparently owes actor-turned-tech geek Ashton Kutcher nearly $2.2 million, because life is unfair and sometimes other people have more money than you. On the bright side, @SFist is apparently worth a cool $14,000, which should help pay for our coffee shop lunches and happy hour tabs for at least a few more months.

If you want to know just how valuable your own stream of sandwich tweets is, you can run the numbers right this way.