Noted city correspondent Phil Matier sounds grumpy today, and he's using the occasion of Twitter's much ballyhoo'd IPO to talk about the tech bust many of us believe may be around the corner. "We have had a history of booms and busts in the Bay Area since the Gold Rush," he says. "This is just the latest one."

In a type-o laden column for CBS, Matier is downright gloomy as he poops on Twitter's day of glory. "The money is coming ... The question is: how long does it last? And will there be a hangover from it?"

Apropos of nothing, he goes on to accuse the entire tech industry of being too white.

I’ve been to these tech companies when the politicians go up there and talk about the wonder of innovation and bright future it’s brought. If you threw some southern accents in that room, you might think you were in Alabama.

It’s all young and mostly white. There’s none of the minorities or the sort of “let’s raise all the boats” that we’ve heard—usually when politicians are talking about handing out tax incentives.

And he talks about the protest at Twitter HQ today which is all about rising rents, the evils of tech workers, and the company's arguable role in the current eviction crisis.

Geez, Phil. Way to bring everybody down.

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