San Francisco residents have long bemoaned the rising cost of rentals, and now there's word that the increase may be worse than you thought: in the past year alone, rents have risen a whopping 10.1% percent across the board. That's ... a lot.

San Francisco is on top for most expensive 2-bedroom units in the country, handily beating out the New York metro area, long a bastion of sardine-packed transplants and astronomical rental pricing. In the last year, SF's highest median rent for 2-bedroom units increased to $3250/month to New York's $3150/mo.

It almost goes without saying that San Francisco year-over-year rent increase was the steepest in the nation. The cities closest to S.F.'s meteoric increase were Portland (9.8%) and Seattle (9.2%). Meanwhile, the past year saw Washington D.C. rental prices fall by 1.4% and Philadelphia by 1.6%,

Go east, young men. Go east.