While most of the pop-ups, khakis, and fancy portable toilets that dotted America's Cup festivities are long gone, Waiheke Island Yacht Club remains. Thankfully so. The temporary 100-seat waterfront restaurant, care of New Zealand restaurateur Tony Stewart, proved wildly popular during that boating extravaganza.

This week, Waiheke unveiled their fall menu, which, in part, boasts the following: Pacific Style Fish Ceviche (wasabi sorbet, cucumber, lime and coriander), Soy & Pomegranate Glazed Duck Breast (salted peanut, rutabaga, coconut, chard and shiso), Silere Merino Lamb Rump (parsnip, yoghurt, leek, cumin & charcoal), and more. Check out the entire menu here.

Waiheke Island Yacht Club: 1256 The Embarcadero (at Pier 29), SF, 415-956-1048