We're having a tough time wrapping our heads around this one, but apparently there has been some heated discussion, and a public meeting, regarding the impact on Chinatown of the planned Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit project that is already taking far too long to construct. The concern is over the reduction of left turn lanes off of Van Ness onto Broadway from two to one. Sigh.

Seriously, some people are upset because going from two left-turn lanes to one is, they say, going to have some disastrous impact on Chinatown pedestrians, many, many blocks away, on the other side of the Broadway tunnel. So they're starting a pilot program. To study the one-left-turn-lane issue and what its impact will be.

FYI, when the Van Ness BRT project is completed, in 2018, there will be no more left turns allowed on Van Ness between Lombard and Mission Streets, except at Broadway.

And did we mention that this project merely involves the creation of two dedicated bus lanes, one in either direction, on Van Ness, and after getting the green light the project inexplicably can't be finished for another five years? And it's going to require two years of construction? And all it requires is some painting and maybe a curb? What a world.