Ah, technology and modern love. Without the aid of local file hosting service Dropbox, one young Swiss man might never have know that his stolen smartphone ended up in the hands of a cute Moroccan girl. Nor would he have made the decision to establish a Facebook page in search of the anonymous siren and state that she is welcome to keep to stolen phone ... if she agrees to meet up.

Niklaus Knecht, 24, had his smartphone stolen from his pocket while dozing on a train bound to Zurich and thought that was the end of it (Swiss thieves, they're just like us!). That is, until photos of a pretty girl began appearing in the Dropbox folder that he had synched to his phone.

"She obviously doesn't realise that all the pictures she is taking are ending up in my Dropbox and it's a pretty good general view of an everyday life in Morocco. I am really keen to find out who she is and more about her. I'd like to meet her and am prepared to travel to Morocco to see her. I think it would be interesting to find out how she ended up getting the phone, although I'm sure she had nothing to do with the original theft- I guess she simply purchased it from whoever did steal it."

Photos show the girl smoking on the beach, cuddling with oversized teddy bears, and sleeping, prompting some to wonder who exactly is taking all these photos (there are also photos of family members and homework). But if the two do eventually meet up, Dropbox's impeccable file sharing technology certainly deserves some credit for facilitating one of the most bizarre meet-cutes in history.

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