As our collective Bay Area Rapid Transit nightmare continues, the BART unions have offered a "Rider First" plan Friday evening, outlining how they would like to get the trains rolling in just five short hours.

The seven-point plan which you can read here [pdf warning] actually has little to do with aside from actually giving them a working transit system. "We both need to do right by the riders, commuters, the businesses, the workers, and others who've been impacted by the trains not running," the SEIU Local 1021 release reads. The unions promise to get the trains running by 10 p.m., provided BART management accepts a few points:

  • First, we commit to what we already agreed to on pensions where we met you 100 percent.
  • Second, we commit to what we already agreed to on health care where we met you 100 percent, and re-commit to changing retiree medical eligibility from five years to fifteen years.
  • Third, we commit to what we already agreed to as an economic framework (which includes wages).
  • Fourth, the District would agree to accept the unions’ compromise language on past practice.
  • Fifth, we re-commit to all of the tentative agreements we have already achieved on a variety of work rules.
  • Sixth, in order to resolve all of the outstanding supplemental issues on workplace rules that blocked us both from being able to reach an agreement, we would submit to and accept the results of a final and binding interest arbitration.
  • Seventh, we would return to existing language on all outstanding General Proposals

BART, for their part, is expected to weigh in on the latest offer at 6:30 p.m. Stay tuned, local transit riders.

According to CBS5's Doug Sovern, however, BART is expected to reject that offer.

Update, 7:30 p.m. As expected BART has rejected the offer.