San Francisco's Indian Summer/Music Festival season looks like it could peak this weekend during the annual Treasure Island Music Festival. (Likewise for the fans in the audience sometime around sunset Saturday evening.) Here now, our easy etiquette guide for an enjoyable weekend on San Francisco's hippest piece of landfill.

DO: Embrace The Ride Over
Somehow you're going to have to get to the island. Don't look at this as an obstacle, embrace it as part of the adventure. Now that the shuttle bus stop has been moved to Bill Graham Civic Center, lines have been shorter and there's easier access via BART and Muni.

We've also had good experiences in the past with cabs and ridesharing services, provided you've got a big enough group to make the $35-40 fare worth it. But those who want a real status upgrade should book a ride on a party boat. The boat is also the only direct route from Oakland.

DON'T: Forget Your Sensible Layers
We know it's warm out right now, but you'll thank yourself about halfway through the Atoms for Peace set.

DO: Show Up Early
There are plenty of good reasons for this, and two of them are local electro producer Giraffage and San Jose-based rapper Antwon (two of SFist's Bands to Watch in 2013). A third good reason would be to stake out prime blanket space.

DON'T: Forget There's Other Stuff To Check Out
Unlike Outside Lands, Treasure Island doesn't try to distract you too much from the music. That said, there's plenty to do if you need to step out of the crowd and chill out for a while. Silent Frisco's headphone-based dance club is a good way to mix up the music while still keeping your feet dancing. If you need to take a load off: take a spin on the ferris wheel or hit Camp D.I.Y. for field day games, cozy relaxtion spaces and craft time.

DO: Dive into whatever mosh pit pops up in front of Sleigh Bells
Forget your too-cool hangups for a moment and just embrace all the youngsters bopping around. Isn't it nice to remember what being 19 felt like?

For more general tips, last year's guide How To Enjoy Yourself At Treasure Island Music Festival is also an invaluable resource.