Chef Daniel Patterson (Coi, Haven, Plum) can be seen in this video ordering from the drive-thru at Wendy's and later picking out his favorite bulk Halloween candy at CVS. Heh. No, not really. But it's fun to jest, isn't it? In fact, the following videos show the local chef foraging in the forest and then preparing a Prather Ranch beef dish. It's all in anticipation for his new book, Coi: Stories and Recipes.

Patterson turns beautifully Ratatouille on the viewer, declaring, "I think that everyone is always deeply influenced by the tastes and smells of their childhood." He also talks ingredients. "Our dishes are often very simple, only two or three ingredients, and if anything's wrong with the cooking or ingredients, it stands out," he says.

Also, as Eater and Inside Scoop point out, he also has much to say about lichen, that smashed petal-like fungus you find blanketing tree branches and twigs. Patterson describes its taste as "earthy, mushroom-y" with "a tinge of bitterness but on the aftertaste kind of sweet." Discussing the first time he used it in a dish, he says, "I had been thinking about a new dish, so I thought, well what if I turned it in to a powder? We cooked it, dehydrated it, ground it into a powder, and it was amazing."

And there you have it. Pre-order his book here; check out both videos below: