During your evening prayers, please give thanks that Tu Lan, Sixth Street's notoriously cheap and formerly stank-ass vietnamese restaurant of choice, has returned. After being forced to close due to rampant barforama, it reopened in August. But is it the same? Well, it's cleaner, according to The Chronicle, but the food, just like their super cool site, remains the same.

Tara Duggan has more:

Yet even with the fancy wooden awning outside - definitely a step up from its dingy predecessor - and a new stainless steel bar flanking the diner-style kitchen, Tu Lan still smells the same as it always did - a familiar, almost comforting aroma of seared meat mingled with just-fried imperial rolls and wok-seared shrimp.

The menu hasn't changed, with prices only slightly higher than they were before the shutdown and still a great value.

Fantastic. We look forward to cramming 5489326124 imperial rolls down our throat by week's end. It's been far, far too long.

Tu Lan: 8 Sixth Street (at Market Street), S.F.; 415-626-0927. 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m