OK, so you know when that video came out the other week with the voice artist named Allison who seemed beyond a reasonable doubt to be the real voice of Siri? Well, she came forward denying that she was, and the various blogs around the country that (reasonably) jumped to that conclusion were chastened. (We still went on believing that Allison may have been bound to a confidentiality agreement and therefore felt obligated to issue all these denials, because we love a good conspiracy theory.) And now, the woman who claims that she is the real Siri has come forward on CNN. Her name is Susan Bennett.

Apple won't confirm that Bennett is Siri. But Bennett says she made the recordings in July 2005 in a text-to-speech project that took a full month. Like Allison, she sat in a studio four hours a day and recorded a bunch of words and phrases that would be pieced together. She says this is the first time she's told anyone that she's Siri. And, she says, she's been propositioned to make a "naughty Siri app."

Amusingly, Bennet used to sing jingles, and in the 70s she sang a popular jingle for First National Bank's ATMs, "I'm Tillie, The All-Time Teller." And she's the voice of all Delta Airlines gates worldwide.

And yes, she does sound like Siri! Just like Allison did. But in this case an audio-forensics expert with 30 years of experience says he's "100% certain" that Bennett is one and the same voice as Siri.

[CNN via Joe.My.God.]