A month after 35-year-old Christine Svanemyr was struck and killed by a Rec and Parks Department truck as she lay on the grass in Holly Park with her infant daughter and family dog, and the District Attorney's office has yet to file charges in the case. The driver of truck, 57-year-old gardener Thomas Burnoski, has said he was unaware that he struck the woman after he turned off an asphalt path in the park.

Burnoski was released on $25,000 bail after the incident on September 5th and prosecutors originally claimed they would decide whether to press charges by the end of September. According to the District Attorney's office, they actually have up to three years to file charges. Meanwhile, neighbors who have been extra sensitive to vehicles in the small park claim Rec and Parks employees are still driving on the pathways.

In the month following the incident, supporters have raised nearly $73,000 for Svanemyr's family. Tonight, October 3rd there is a vigil planned in the park. Several city officials including Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Supervisor David Campos are expected to attend.

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