A year after San Francisco saved the entire planet from self-destruction by banning plastic shopping bags and imposing a 10-cent fee on all others, the same fee is now coming to your favorite neighborhood takeout joint. As of October 1st, all food establishments in San Francisco are also subject to the mandatory bag charge.

So what does that mean for you, as you try to juggle three paper containers and a thing of wonton soup from Henry's Hunan? Well, nothing probably. Expect most takeout spots to just tack that dime onto your bill. It probably won't kill you to carry your sad desk lunch salad back to the office without a bag either, but according to Fox News it might actually kill you to carry it around in that unwashed tote bag you got when you opened a free checking account years ago.

Anyhow, the only correct way to carry a takeout hamburger and fries is in a greasy paper bag. That is definitely worth an extra ten cents.

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