The St. Regis will host a dinner benefit for the James Beard Foundation. And you won't want to miss it. Why? Because noteworthy chefs will be stuck in the kitchen—where they belong—making you a goddamn sandwich. And much more.

Those of you attending will be able to digest nutritional food product prepared by the following human beings: Paul Piscopo (St. Regis); Hiro Sone (Terra); Daniel Patterson (Coi); Sarah Rich (Rich Table); Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water) and Matthew Accarrino (SPQR); Wylie Dufresne (wd-50) and Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese); Stuart Brioza (State Bird Provisions); Evan and Sarah Rich (Rich Table); Nicole Krasinski (State Bird Provisions); and Melissa Chou (Aziza)

Here's the menu for the October 4 night dinner:


- Sunchoke Croquette with Pear & Black Truffle Relish Grilled Albacore with Black Olive Jam, Apple & Celery (Paul Piscopo / St. Regis) [Oh fun. We like relish.]
- Faux Gras Ice Cream Sandwich with Coco Nib Tuile and Porcini Mushroom Soup (Hiro Sone / Terra) [What?]
- Puffed Brown Rice Crackers, Tofu-Wheatgrass, Sprouts (Daniel Patterson / Coi) [This is some straight up poolside, late-70s, Laurel Canyon, sun-kissed magic right here. Fleetwood Mac in a bite.]


- Bread & Butter (Sarah Rich / Rich Table) [Don't chortle, you neanderthal. Their butter is astounding, trust us.]
- Guinea Hen, Vin Santo and Grape, two ways (Thomas McNaughton / Flour + Water and Matthew Accarrino / SPQR)
- Scrambled Egg Ravioli, Tea Smoked Eel (Wylie Dufresne / wd-40 wd-50 and Danny Bowien / Mission Chinese) [That is some profoundly elevated protein.]
- Steak 'Salad' with Umeboshi and Rosemary Vinaigrette(Stuart Brioza / State Bird Provisions) [Yaya from ANTM does NOT approve.]
- Grilled Snake River Pork Belly Panzanella with Charred Strawberry Vinaigrette (Evan and Sarah Rich / Rich Table) [Did you know that a Texan just won the right to jump his motorbike across Snake River? True.]


- Cocoa Nib-Poppy Seed 'Ice Cream' Sandwich, Lemon Curd & Caramelized Honey Sauce (Nicole Krasinski / State Bird Provisions) [Cocoa nib always sounds mildly dirty and/or racist.]
- Preserved Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich with Pomegranate Molasses Caramel, Cashew and Marash Pepper (Melissa Chou / Aziza) [Do you pronounce it "car-mul" or "care-a-mel"? If it's the latter, where exactly did you go so wrong in life?]

A noted wine program will highlight the menu, too, featuring a bevy of local wineries. The pouring will be liberal and plenty, which will probably grab the attention of those of you who suffer from alcoholism. If you need help, it is here for you.

There will also be an after-party for mingling, careful sipping, and potential sexual intercourse in the form of a one night stand. (You never know!) Dinner with wine will run $275 per person, and there are tickets also available for the after-party, $65. Tickets can be found here.