The evolution of Polk Street continues as Red Devil Lounge plans to close by year's end. One of the last remaining live music venues left on Polk Street, a member of the Tipsy Pig crew in the Marina will transform the place into a lighter and brighter bar replete with tall tables, concept cocktails, and, presumably, more Edison bulbs.

Inside Scoop notes: "The two-story space will be completely overhauled, with the initial goal of being complete by the end of spring. Blake-Williams plans to lengthen the bar and install high-top tables throughout. He’ll reconfigure the bathroom situation as well. Perhaps most notably, he’ll revamp the walls on the ground floor, letting in light from the sidewalks and essentially opening up the facade to the street."

And there you have it.

On the flip side, was Red Devil Lounge really that good? Not the best, but not terrible. They did, however, have some of the funniest marquee lines in town. (And as for any new, strictly queer elements, you can forget it. This is part of the new Polk Street. Save for the Cinch, the neighborhood's conscious and quick erosion of gay spaces is all but complete.)

Red Devil Lounge will close on January 1, 2014 after 18 years of business.

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