When your editor had to live in the Mission, back during the first dot-com boom, we used Kozmo.com for cigarettes, condoms, DVDs, and pints of Chubby Hubby. Boy, have things changed. We stopped smoking, starting eating Talenti Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and what's a DVD? We're we trying to say is that Kozmo.com might be coming back.

Uptown Almanac's Kevin Montgomery came across this scene on the old venture-capital-driven delivery service's site, which reads: "Kozmo.com relaunching soon! remember us? We're relaunching soon with a new vision to fulfill your online order incredibly fast, and on-demand."

This IS exciting. Could sesame-crusted ahi tuna at Venture Frogs 2.0 be far behind?

[via @kevinmonty]