Sweet Jesus. Down in East Palo Alto, Albert Macklin, a Reverend of the New Sweet Home Church of God in Christ who also happens to be blind, was hit while crossing the street at around 8 PM. Also hit? His helpful guide dog.

The suspect, who got out of her car to see if he was okay, saw that Macklin couldn't see and, well, decided to bolt. KTVU has more:

The driver had backed into him while he was still in the middle of the intersection, hitting his left side, and pinning Eaton under the trunk of the vehicle.

Afterward, police said the driver stopped and asked the minister if he was OK and said she was going to move her car, but drove away from the scene instead.

"I was waiting for her maybe thinking she would come toward me, maybe check me out and see if I was ok. But after she got in the car to move the car, she didn't come back at all," said Macklin.

Although police are going door-to-door to find the woman (description of neither the suspect nor her vehicle are available), the Reverend just wants an apology. "It's a simple courtesy -- the simple fact that you hit somebody," he goes on to tell KTVU. "I didn't have to be blind, but the simple fact that you hit somebody and you didn't stop to take care of the matter as it should have been handled."

Adding insult to injury, the police took their sweet time writing a report on the incident. Mercury News reports: "Macklin said he called the police and they declined to write up a report Monday night because there were no witnesses. He only got a response after calling Chief Ron Davis the next morning ... Davis confirmed that a report was not written until Tuesday, but said he was waiting for the officers involved to start their evening shift to determine why not."

Both the man of God and his dog didn't suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Video below: