In the annual contest thrown by the bathroom aficionados at Cintas, the facilities at Valencia Street's own noted typewriter repair shop/vintage home decor emporium/basement poetry slam space Viracocha have been nominated as one of ten finalists for the nation's best.

"This eclectic vintage store has become one of the Mission District’s most popular destinations," the contest site notes with aplomb, "predominantly for its posh potty - which patrons say resembles a 'Zen retreat' so magical you will wish you could live in it." In addition to the usual seating arrangements one might find in a single-head restroom, the spacious backroom also features a Victorian tub filled with river stones and a plush armchair — in case you think you might need to relax for a little while longer.

The good folks of Viracocha also had a few words about the nomination:

SO.... over the past 3 & half years of our operation, we have noticed a couple of recurring comments. None more so, probably, than the numerous references to our bathroom. It seems people have a tendency to enjoy their time, within our humble lavatory, and have nominated us amongst other notable restrooms across the nation.

Viracocha's enchanting restroom is up against some stiff competition this year: rounding out the other nine nominees are the Waldorf Astoria in New York, glass-walled public restrooms in Texas, an arcade in Portland, an airport bathroom in Tampa, and a mall bathroom in New Jersey. Readers and fellow restroom enthusiasts are encouraged to go vote for the best restroom, since we can't have San Francisco losing a national title to some mall in New Jersey.

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