Wednesday afternoon, barely a week after Bay Area Bike Share went live in San Francisco and the Peninsula, SFPD's anti-bike theft squad recovered their first stolen bike share bike. Naturally, the boys in blue took to the now-notorious Twitter account to plaster the culprit all over the Internet.

The incredibly conspicuous sea foam green bike was recovered near 25th and Capp Streets in the Mission. Judging by the blurry photo above, the thieves simply covered up the logos with some toilet paper and hoped no one would notice this thing had gone missing. Rather than just returning it to one of the docking stations, SFPD tweeted at the Bike Share folks, asking if they were missing something?

No word yet on how the thieves managed to make off with the bike in the first place, but our gut says someone probably left it unattended. We'll be sure to update when we hear more from SFPD.

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