Traffic is rolling smoothly so far on this first full day of operation for the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge, and that's a good thing since every news outlet in the nation has been covering this big event, now 24 years in the making. Also, the weather is clear, so that's nice.

Here you can see ABC 7's live cam from Yerba Buena Island showing the traffic flowing to and from San Francisco, on the new span, with Oakland-bound traffic from the lower level of the Yerba Buena tunnel joining SF-bound traffic on the new side-by-side bridge decks. [WARNING: Turn the sound down on your computer before clicking. The white noise is loud.]

As you likely heard, the bridge reopened early last night, with traffic welcomed onto the new span as of about 10 p.m., which was great news for all Burners on their way home on I-80. Now, it's just a normal morning commute for most, and we'll update you if things get hung up.

Below, a cool time-lapse video showing all the construction from 2008 to the present in 4 minutes.

Update: Traffic is a little thick, especially (as always) on 80 through Emeryville, but cars are rolling at about 40 miles per hour across the bridge.

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