Are you afraid of the ocean? You should be. There are some terrifying things out there. Case in point: just hours after a 42-foot fin whale died on Stinson Beach, a 10-15 foot great white shark was spotted offshore near the seaside town.

According to Alexandre Picavet, spokesperson for the Golden Gate National Recreation area, the shark was spotted by everyone from lifeguards to Roy Schneider a fishing vessel to local beachgoers who had the luxury of taking Monday off to enjoy this recent heatwave. As Picavet told KQED, great whites aren't completely uncommon in the area, but they don't usually come so close to shore/dining on your children. Picavet believes the dead whale — a more rare occurrence — may have tempted the ocean's most highly evolved predator.

Anyway, Stinson Beach will be closed for at least the next five days, but don't let that stop you from wading in elsewhere on the coast, local leisure-seekers. Although, you might want to maintain a watchful eye: Salmon sharks, a smaller relative of the great white, have been spotted in the bay and washing up on area beaches. Just look at this terrifying miniature Jaws, flopping around on Ocean Beach looking to devour a small dog or something:

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