Whatever you're eating right now, spit it out in horror and prepare to digest the latest food fad. The trés French-sounding 

Paris Baguette in Palo Alto now has their very own version of the Cronut™. It's called the NYC Croissant Donut.

SFist's Cedric Westpal -- who vient de France and thus biologically attuned to the art of the pastry -- gives us his review: "The one I got was fresh out of the fryer and tasted of frying oil with a nice crunchy texture. But too oily, in the end; I was disappointed."

And there you have it.

Paris Baguette's NYC Croissant Donut follows on the heels of the Cronot, which came after the orignal Cronut™, which bacon cupcake food truck red velvet communal table Dolores Park, you guys.