Double parking tickets: have you actually ever seen one issued? Supervisor Scott Weiner hasn't, and he's clashing with the SFMTA over the issue.

Weiner called a board meeting Tuesday to discuss the scourge of double parking, which he called a "festering problem." It's an issue that causes congestion and dangerous situations for cyclists and other drivers, and Weiner says the SFMTA is not doing enough to fix it. "If people believe they may get a double parking ticket, we'll see a lot less double parking," he said.

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose countered by saying that approximately 22,000 double parking citations have been issued in the past year, each one with a penalty of $110, but Weiner is calling shenanigans on the claim. "I've lived in San Francisco for 16 years and I've never seen a double parking ticket issued," Weiner said.

We've received mixed anecdotal evidence as to whether double parking citations are, in fact, being widely issued. We're pretty curious, so take a minute to let us know if you've actually seen or heard of a double parking citation outside of an official SFMTA statement.

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