On July 17th, Nneka the western lowland gorilla gave birth to a baby girl at the San Francisco Zoo. Luckily for anyone interested in gorilla obstetrics, Zoo-goer and YouTuber Marwan Salfiti was there to capture the postpartum scene on video.

Before you push play, we should probably point out that this footage has at least one pretty graphic moment, although it's not any more graphic than what you might find in high def on the Discovery Channel. Still, if you prefer your animal videos to be cuddly and not covered in placental goo you might go look at some penguins instead.

If you're still squeamish, remember that busloads of schoolchildren were there to witness and commentate on this miracle of life. As one of them so accurately put it, the birth was, "gross, but amazing."

According to the Salfiti, moments after his camera stopped rolling, Zoo officials showed up to close the exhibit and care for Nneka and her new daughter. The baby gorilla, as evidenced by her smiling face two days later, is doing just fine.

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