Travelers looking to get home from San Francisco International Airport using ridesharing services like Lyft, Sidecar or Uber, might have a harder time finding rides starting right about now. As CBS5 reports, SFO officials are now making citizen arrests of drivers from the app-hailed services.

Like most airports, SFO takes a hardline stance on gypsy cabs and anyone picking up paying riders curbside or away from the cab stands is considered to be unlawfully trespassing. The airport issued cease and desist letters to the big three companies back in April, forcing drivers willing to make airport pickups to rethink their strategies. According to one Lyft driver who spoke with Valleywag, the company started warning drivers months ago to stop going to SFO -- presumably because that big pink mustache is such a dead giveaway. Sidecar, meanwhile, issued a memo basically telling drivers they are on their own if they get fined at the airport.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers from the San Francisco Cab Drivers Association and United Taxicab Workers of San Francisco held yet another midday protest at City Hall today. The drivers were (again) calling on city officials and regulators to declare ridesharing illegal. So, if you had a hard time finding a cab and were forced to turn to your iPhone instead, now you know why.

After first declaring ridesharing illegal, the California Public Utilities Commission backtracked earlier this year and agreed to look into ways to regulate the companies. A report is expected to come from the commission sometime this week.

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