Today in mostly unexciting archaeology news: A construction crew unearthed an intact, 23-foot boat while excavating a site at 201 Folsom Street, which is to become a condominium tower. Despite being on a hill and two blocks from the current shoreline, the find is a reminder that yes, the shoreline has moved and much of the area around the Embarcadero is landfill, and that there are a lot of boats buried in this part of town.

Though the boat itself is totally unremarkable — it's a flat-bottomed boat called a lighter boat, from the Gold Rush era, that was used to carry cargo from ship to shore in shallow water — the find is interesting to a few people because the boat is intact, and unusual in that it's not just a section of a larger vessel, which is more commonly found in these parts.

The San Francisco Maritime National Museum is talking about trying to save the boat, if they can. How that might happen remains to be seen.