Fans of whimsical swimwear, awkward tan lines and Shark Week can mash up all of the above with this "Sharkini" swimsuit inspired by the ocean's greatest predator and created by local fashionista Bad Aby Designs.

What is a Sharkini? It's a contraction of "shark" and "bikini," obviously. Fashion-wise, however, it's a sort of monokini thing with an over-the-shoulder chain strap and a toothy, belly-revealing, cutout with faux leather teeth. Because sharks are very "in" right now, it will either make you the envy of every girl who just left Comic Con or simply make you look like an unfortunate surfboard:

The Sharkini is available made-to-order only on Storenvy for a cool 100 clams. This lady has probably already ordered two.

[H/T Laughing Squid]