And just like that, it's gone. No wait, it's not. See, in an effort to squelch the fake Asian pilot name scandal, KTVU filed copyright infringement notices with YouTube regarding the now infamous clip of Tori Campbell reading off racist names in the Asiana Flight 214 crash -- names that included "Captain Sum Ting Wong" and "Wi To Lo."

Not a good idea, KTVU. Just ask Streisand.

The clip is still around, of course. (We found it within a matter of seconds.) And now not everyone is pleased that KTVU tried having the clip removed from the public's conscious. For starters? Media critic Rich Lieberman, who writes:

Dear KTVU:

You have now become a punchline. Instead of acting transparent you are now in the business of trying to cover up. That is not the way to run a business based on credibility with your viewers, your affiliates, your reporters and anchors, your entire staff inside the building.

Thanks for trusting us? Excuse me.

Also, Matthew Keys, former social media editor for Reuters, himself no stranger to controversy, had his to say:

With this mistake, there’s a case to be made that hosting or redistributing KTVU’s error falls under the definition of “fair use” (17 USC § 107) for purposes of news reporting, comment and/or criticism. TV stations like KTVU take material from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all the time for their news broadcasts under fair use; these news broadcasts almost always air alongside commercial advertisements, generating revenue for the station. Often, such user-generated content airs with little-to-no compensation for the content creator.

The Desk has submitted counter-notifications with YouTube that draw upon the fair use provision of the U.S. copyright code. [...]

The names of the pilots, as you recall, were confirmed by a summer intern with the National Transportation Safety Board. And then Stephen Colbert got ahold of the story. And, well, here we are.

What people want to know now, though, is just em>who came up with the names. Until we find out, here's the clip that started it all. Catch it before it too gets pruned.