After tallying the votes, Ben & Jerry's introduced their new San Francisco-themed flavor over the weekend. What it lacks in titular imagination, it more than makes up for in curated flavor. The title? "San Fran-tastic." Which, oh dear. Granted, it's not a balls out "San Fran" slur — because referring to the City as "San Fran" is a slur — but it is too close for comfort.

The flavor? According to SF Weekly, said flavor is "a caramel ice cream complemented with S.F.-based TCHO chocolate factory and Kika's Treats, with pieces of gooey marshmallow, crunchy graham cracker, and milk chocolate." It's got a touch of artisan tomfoolery, some "crackers," and stains of white goo: perfect for any modern S.F. narrative. A "special, San Francisco flavor," explained Ben & Jerry's flavor maker Eric Fredette.

And that sounds goddamn delicious.

Lactose Tolerant San Fran-tastic was briefly introduced on Saturday at the TCHO Chocolate factory along the Embarcadero. But! You can't buy this flavor in stores. (At least not yet.) It was only part of their City Churned tour. Too bad, really. Now we're not even sure what the point of this post is... other than to finally say: someone needs to develop a peanut butter and chocolate ice cream with a 1:2 or 1:1 ratio. Not the 1:16 chocolate to peanut butter nonsense. Not a few whisper-thin ribbons of creamy peanut butter. We want solid waves. Massive chunks. Equality now. (With no chocolate chips or tiny peanut butter cups, please; those are but merely distractions.) Just a GOOD version with heaps of peanut butter. We're tired of having to throw out half empty chocolate pints.

We'll update if this hits store shelves.